Flonase , chemically known as fluticasone, is a nasal corticosteroid inhaled or sprayed directly into the nose to treat sneezing, itching, congestion or runny nose triggered by allergies or other nasal problems. It works by easing inflammation of the sinus passage.

Before applying Flonase , you need to blow your nose to remove any mucous build-up in the sinus passage. It is recommended to spray only once per nostril, two to four times daily. The dose for children under 6 years old should be determined by your doctor.

Common side effects from Flonase are stuffy or runny nose, headache, vomiting, nausea, nasal burning or irritation, loss of sense in smelling or tasting.

This medicine is also used to control the growth of nasal polyps after surgery, as prescribed by your doctor.

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