Levothroid is a type of thyroid medicine which belongs to the group of medicines called hormones. Levothroid is used when the thyroid gland is incapable of producing sufficient hormones.

Levothroid is available in the form of oral tablets and capsules. It is also given through the form of an injection into the body. If you choose to have an injection, make sure it is done by a medical professional.

Some of the common side effects associated with Levothroid include diarrhea, fever, changes in appetite, hand tremors, changes in menstrual periods, leg cramps, vomiting and weight loss. If your side effects become severe, contact your doctor or other medical professional for assistance.

Occasionally, Levothroid is prescribed to help decrease the size of an enlarged thyroid or to treat thyroid cancer. It may be prescribed for other purposes as well, as directed by your doctor.

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