Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor, like most drugs on the market, has a number of side effects that users should review with their doctors before using the product.

Lipitor is generally widely tolerated, but some less serious side effects such as skin rashes, gas, stomach pain, indigestion and constipation are not uncommon. Symptoms are usually mild and short-lived.

More serious side effects from Lipitor use, such as extreme general muscle pain and abdominal pain, have also been documented.

You can reduce the risk of experiencing these problems by avoiding alcohol, grapefruit juice and certain other medications while taking Lipitor.

The two most well known concerns people have are with Lipitor and Alcohol and Lipitor and Grapefruit.

Lipitor manufacturer Pfizer Inc. also advises people with liver problems, nursing mothers, pregnant women and women who may get pregnant to avoid the product.

Seniors who take Lipitor should monitor their dosage carefully, as higher levels of Lipitor accumulate in the blood of seniors than in adults under 65.

Lipitor is not prescribed for children.

As always, make sure to discuss dosage and potential side effects with your doctor before buying Lipitor online.
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