Lotrisone , a combination of clotrimazole and betamethasone, is used in the treatment of fungus infections. Clotrimazole is used to kill the fungus and prevent its growth. Betamethasone is used to help relieve the redness, itching and swelling associated with these infections.

Lotrisone comes in the form of a cream which is applied directly to the skin to help relieve the infection. This type of medication is used to treat athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm.

Common side effects users may experience when taking Lotrisone include numb hands and feet, rash, secondary infection and swelling in the area of application. If these side effects do not go away after a prolonged period of time or you are experiencing more severe side effects, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Occasionally, Lotrisone will be prescribed by doctors to treat other types of skin infections. It may be prescribed for other purposes as well, under the direction of your doctor.

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