Nor-Qd , also known as norethindrone, is a progestin-only, oral contraceptive used in the prevention of pregnancy.

Progestin is a female hormone which works by preventing the females egg from being released from the ovaries. It also works by changing the cervical mucus and the lining of the uterus to further prevent pregnancy from occurring.

This type of medication is over 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy however it does not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases . Nor-Qd is taken orally in the form of a pill, on a daily basis. To prevent pregnancy as much as possible, take your pill at approximately the same time everyday.

Common side effects associated with this type of drug include irregular menstrual periods, breast pain or tenderness, weight gain, headache, upset stomach and dizziness. If side effects become severe, contact your doctor for assistance.

Occasionally, Nor-Qd may be prescribed by your doctor for other purposes as well.

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