Novolin, also medically known as insulin, is a type of hormone used in the treatment of diabetes .

It helps to turn the food we eat into energy. It is also used to help store energy so we can use it later. After we have eaten, insulin works by transferring the sugar from the blood into the bodys cells to make sugar, fat and protein. When we run out of energy, the insulin will help us use the fat, protein and sugar which have been stored.

This type of medication is taken through an injection given by a medical professional. The patient can inject themselves as well, after receiving proper instruction on self-injection.

Common side effects associated with Novolin include behavioral changes, blurred vision, cold sweats, drowsiness, excessive hunger, headache, nausea and slurred speech. If the side effects become severe, contact a healthcare professional for assistance.

Occasionally, Novolin may be prescribed for other purposes, as suggested by your doctor.

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