Proventil , also known as albuterol, is an adrenergic bronchodilator used in the treatment and prevention of symptoms associated with asthma , emphysema and other respiratory conditions.

This type of medication works by opening up the bronchial tubes in lungs which allows better air flow. Proventil is effective in eliminating coughing, breathing difficulties and wheezing associated with the conditions above.

Proventil is taken orally through form of regular tablets, extended-release tablets and syrups. It can also be taken through an injection which is given by a medical professional.

This type of drug may cause side effects in some patients. Some of the common side effects that do not require medical attention include anxiety, nervousness, tremor and headaches. Dizziness, sweating and sleeping difficulties have also been associated with use of this medication.

Occasionally, Proventil will be prescribed for other purposes, as determined by your doctor.

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