Ticlopidine HCl is used to reduce the chance of having a stroke. This type of drug is prescribed to individuals who have already experienced a stroke or who have specific types of medical problems that may potentially lead to a stroke.

Ticlopidine HCl prevents certain cells in the blood from grouping together and forming blood clots. Blood clots are known to interrupt the blood flow to the brain and are considered the primary cause of strokes.

This medication is taken orally in tablet form, exactly as your doctor has prescribed. Do not take more or less than directed by a medical professional.

Common side effects associated with Ticlopidine HCl include skin rashes, abdominal or stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion and nausea. If the side effects persist or seem to be getting worse, contact your doctor for help.

Doctors may occasionally prescribe this medication for other purposes as well.

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