Wellbutrin and Seizures

Wellbutrin has a higher likelihood of causing seizures in patients than other antidepressants, and for that reason it must be treated with utmost care.

For dosages up to 300 mg. a day, the incidence of seizures is 1 in 1,000, or .1 percent. At dosages between 300 and 450 mg. a day, the seizure rate jumps to .4 percent. Between 450-600 mg., the incidence of seizures increases tenfold.

For this reason, Wellbutrin should not be taken by patients:

  • With a current seizure disorder;
  • With a history of seizures or brain injury;
  • With a history of bulimia or anorexia nervosa, because of the higher incidence of seizures associated with those disorders;
  • Who typically drink a lot of alcohol or use sedatives, but have abruptly quit;
  • Who have reported any allergic reaction to bupropion.

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