Arthritis Relief

One of the largest complaints from senior citizens is how their quality of life is affected by arthritis pain. The need to provide good, effective arthritis pain relief is strong, as people with severe arthritis have problems functioning and interacting on some of the most basic levels. Arthritis usually settles into the hands and joints and can make it very painful to move around. If the people who suffer with this ailment cannot get relief, they will not be able to live normal lives.

One of the best means of providing arthritis relief comes in the form of doctor-prescribed arthritis pain relief medicine. There are over-the-counter measures that will provide some pain relief in the early stages of arthritis such as aspirin, ibuprofen and Aleve. This may work in the short term, but as the symptoms progress, it will become necessary to seek a doctor’s advice for more effective pain relief.

Some of the prescription drugs used for arthritis pain relief have been known to cause heart attacks or strokes in some patients. That is why many physicians will try to keep their patients off the prescribed pain relief medications for as long as they possibly can while still remaining comfortable. However, if you suffer from a more progressive form of arthritis known as rheumatoid arthritis (RA), then finding something that can work for you over the counter may not be that easy.

Finding rheumatoid arthritis pain relief is more difficult, because people who suffer from RA are actually suffering from an immune disorder that causes the body to attack the joints. Once the immune system has started its battle, the inflammation will result in arthritis, and it is possible for sufferers of RA to actually have their mobility impaired because of the disease. It can also attack organs like the lungs and skin. It is a debilitating condition and the pain is often so great that the risks associated with many arthritis medications are overlooked.

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