Cold And Allergy Treatments

Every year, the most common ailment complaint comes from people trying to find the most reliable cold and allergy treatments. Common colds and allergies can’t simply be treated with one certain type of drug. Instead, it comes down to the fact that each person has their own version of what works for them when it comes to the best cold and allergy treatments.

Besides the normal prescriptions and pills that are offered to help alleviate cold and allergy symptoms, there are also many alternative allergy treatments that can provide relief. While there is no scientific basis as to whether or not these methods work, for years people have been using herbal homeopathic medicine or traditional Chinese medical practices to reduce some of the more painful symptoms of allergies. There are also people suffering from colds who claim that some potent vegetable cold treatments have worked for them.

For example, even though it is not technically an aspect of a cold, cold sores often seem to heal with varying results on different people. There are home treatments for cold sores like the use of garlic or Lysine as a means of prevention or treatment. Some people have also had success with Aloe vera and lemon balm, while others rely solely on over-the-counter medications offered at pharmacies. It really does boil down to whatever method works best for the individual’s body.

While we typically think that allergy problems only disrupt human life, that isn’t true. There are many pets that suffer from seasonal allergies as well. Some of the more prevailing cat allergy treatments can get as involved as having your feline allergy tested and giving them injections to help with their problems. Dog owners can do this as well, though the canine system is more adept at dealing with prescription medications. Dog allergy treatments have a much broader range, covering everything from cortisone steroids and antihistamines to changing their diet. You can even get them tested and injected with a series of allergy shots.

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