Generic Medication

A generic medication is identical to its name brand counterpart in every way: dosage, safety, strength, route of admission, quality, performance characteristics and intended use. Generic prescription medication is sold at a substantial discount when compared to name brand drugs and for this reason they are becoming incredibly popular. When a drug company is interested in manufacturing a generic medication, they must submit an application to the FDA for approval. When a new drug is first invented it is available to be patented. This patent is important for protecting the huge investment that drug companies put into their work. After the patent runs out however, generic drug companies may release a drug identical to the original.

The following are the guidelines that generic drugs must follow in order to be approved by the FDA:

  • First, they must contain the same active ingredients as the original. Inactive ingredients may be different.
  • The drugs must be identical in dosage, form, strength and route of admission.
  • They must have the same indications as the original drug.
  • They must be the bioequivalent of the original drug.
  • They must meet the same batch requirements for strength, identity, purity and quality.
  • Finally, they must be manufactured under the same strict FDA manufacturing process regulations as the original drug.

Generic pain medication is one of the more popular methods of dealing with chronic pain, mostly because they reduce the burden on your wallet. You will find that this generic pain medication works just as well as the expensive brands and provides you with the same benefits. Currently, there are generic substitutes for such popular pain medications as Vicodin and Celebrex.

For even better convenience, you can find cheap generic pain medication online. There are a few valid online pharmacies that can fill your prescriptions and send you the medication through the mail. This is great if you don’t want to wait at a pharmacy. Be very careful of online pharmacies however – some are nefarious businesses that operate outside of the country. They do not require prescriptions and will send controlled substances to you illegally. Make sure that the online pharmacy is licensed in the U.S. and trusted.

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