Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that was first invented by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1700s. The basic belief in homeopathic medicine is that certain illnesses may be cured by administering a substance to the patient that, in a healthy person, would produce symptoms similar to the illness.

Most homeopathic remedies require the extreme dilution of natural substances. This is based on the idea that like can cure like. Homeopathic theory states that shaking the solution between further dilutions will remove any toxins from the remedy, while the positive aspects of the dilution are retained. This is known as serial dilution. The treatment is selected after a consultation between the patient and the homeopath.

Besides the treatment of diseases, homeopathic medicine may also be able to treat other medical conditions such as infertility and mental disorders. There are plenty of homeopathic cures for infertility in both males and females. Substances that may be used to treat infertility include silica, aurum and sepia. Be sure to research any natural substance before taking it to treat your condition.

At homeopathy school, students who are eager to learn about natural medicine can study how natural substances can be used to treat diseases. Homeopathy training may be performed in a traditional campus setting, or in one of many accredited online colleges. There is even veterinary homeopathy, for people who prefer natural cures to treat their pets. Also, homeopathic remedies are often less expensive than medical cures.

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