A medical prescription is an order written down by a qualified healthcare professional which states that an individual may purchase a controlled substance from a pharmacist. A prescription is a legal document that instructs the preparation of the drug that will be administered and puts that healthcare professional at blame should the planned outcome not be achieved. Prescriptions are handwritten on prescription forms that come on pads or are pre-printed by a computer. The form contains text preprinted on it that identifies the form as a legal prescription. Prescriptions are used when a doctor feels that medication (which cannot be bought over the counter) will be needed in order to treat the condition a patient is suffering from.

Instead of going to the pharmacy to have prescriptions filled, there are also various online prescription dealers that can sell controlled substances on the internet. In order to purchase the substance from them, they will need to have the prescription given to them so that they can verify that you were indeed prescribed the medication. The most popular, trusted and licensed online pharmacy in the U.S. is There are some online prescription drug stores that operate illegally and do not require the use of prescriptions. These companies do not have a good reputation and usually operate outside of the country. It is not safe or legal to purchase from these sellers; you never know what they are actually sending to you.

Prescription drugs come in two forms: the name brand and the generic brand. The name brand is the drug in its original form produced by the original company that invented it. Once the drug is patented and hits the market, it only has a number of years before any other drug manufacturer may sell their own generic brand of the drug, sold at a discount. Though they cost less, they still feature the same quality as the name brand drugs, as they use the same formula. For this reason, most people prefer the generic drugs to the name brand drugs.

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