Sleep Aids

One of the most commonly used prescription medication is sleep aids. This is because insomnia is a very common problem. Some argue that this is because of our increasingly fast-paced lifestyle, while others feel that it could be related to a person’s diet, specifically those who consume a lot of caffeine.

One sleep aid, Ambien, recently came under fire for having some serious side effects, such as people sleepwalking to the point that they were actually driving while under the influence of the drug. Other people have started looking outside the normal sleep aid market and have turned to using the anti-depressant Trazodone as a sleep aid, even though it has not been tested for this use by the FDA. Other drugs people like to use as sleep aids are antihistamines, but this is also not recommended. People often say that this medication does not promote a good night’s sleep.

Some people hold out each night hoping that they will fall asleep on their own, but when there is only four hours of the night left and they can no longer take a regular sleeping aid, they can look into using Sonata sleep aid. This medication carries the claim that you won’t wake up drowsy, no matter how late you end up taking it. This is good for people who dislike the groggy side effects of normal sleep aids.

If you don’t like the idea of getting dependent on prescription medications, then you can start on a natural sleep aid regimen. This could mean that you might start taking an herbal supplement like Valerian, a natural sleep aid. Or you might instead turn to white noise sleep aid, which is especially helpful if you have a problem because of noise or snoring.

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