With the current craze about vitamins in today’s market, it’s no wonder there are so many available varieties of vitamins to keep us as young and healthy as possible. If you were to go browsing through your local supermarket’s vitamin aisle, you would likely find everything ranging from ordinary hair vitamins to anti-aging vitamins.

While some may wonder about the validity of the promises made on the bottles of these healthy natural alternatives, there is no doubt that people who routinely take vitamins often live a healthier life. Many doctors today even recommend following up on a healthy diet and active lifestyle with a good vitamin regimen to reduce the risk of certain diseases when you’re older. For example, many doctors agree a good daily calcium supplement combined with vitamin D can help offset osteoporosis.

Many of the vitamins now available even come with different methods of taking them so that there’s always something for even the most stubborn of pill-takers. For example, there are vitamins made into bubble gum or gummy worms for kids and there are also chewable vitamins for adults who don’t want to swallow a pill. And if you are caring for someone who can’t chew a pill, there is a range of liquid vitamins available.

While vitamins have always been around, it is unclear when they began to be associated with different healthy functions. For example, carotene is supposed to be good for your eyesight, vitamin B is often referred to as an energy booster and garlic is touted as a surefire way to lower your cholesterol. Whatever your outlook on vitamins and other supplements, be sure to read up on anything you are considering taking before you take it.

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